Welcome to your Earn Train

How it works

There are two (2) different platforms for donation i.e. N20,000 and N50,000

Donation is paid to individual account as assigned by the system within 10hours

On receiving payment from a downline, You are required to activate the Downline with an activation code within 24 hours.

On successful registration, Memeber will be merged immediately and is expected to pay to the assigned to whom you are merged to within 24 hours, otherwise the account will be blocked

Communication about the donation and approval is between you and the downline only. 

Activation code is generated and sent to members, which is used for activation on receiving payment from a payer. 

The activation code is kept confidential for security reasons, which allows the activation of a payer account/page

The payment method involves are through bank payment, transfer and cash at hand. 

The Maximum account a member can have is three(3) and with a different email address,username and thesame account details

Earners Train was founded by a team of specialists who wanted to break financial crises and create a platform that will affect lives and empower people financially.